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Officers - Why do we need them?

Officers are essential to our group because they keep us informed and in touch with the rest of the SCA. They let the group know about upcoming events, they organize events in our area, they arrange classes for our weekly meetings, they run fighter practices, they file reports with the SCA, and they are all-around good people who are interested in doing more than just showing up at meetings. They willingly offer their time, wit, intellect, humor and resources to promote learning and fun within our group.

If you would like more information about our group, please write the officers and they will respond as soon as they can.


The Seneschal is responsible for coordinating the regional administration of the Society's historical re-creation. The Seneschal generally runs the weekly meetings and conducts official Society business as well as maintaining and dispersing information concerning upcoming events.

Our Seneschal is Lady Emmaline de Clare

MKA Marissa Baker


The Exchequer oversees the finances of the group and makes quarterly and year end reports to the regional superior.

Our Exchequer is Baroness Morgan of Anglesey

MKA Melissa Newton
1213 N. Limestone St.
Lexington, KY 40505


Our Chronicler is Baron Sir Omarad the Wary

MKA Paul Newton
1213 N. Limestone St.
Lexington, KY 40505


Our Herald is Big John MacLellan

MKA John Irwin
2223 Devonport #13
Lexington, KY 40504


Our Castellean is Corwin

MKA Corwin

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Our Minister of Arts and Sciences is Lady Claire

MKA Kirsten Frisa
231 Castlewood
Lexington, KY 40505

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