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College of Dragon's Crossing Newsletters
February 1999

Current Royalty

King and Queen: Dag Thorgrimsson and
Elayna Lilley
Jeffrey Skevington
1939 Breckland
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Tanist and Tanista: Ragnvalder Jonsson and Arabella Silvermane
Jon-Erik Jacobson
9171 Bishop, Detriot, MI 48224
(313) 882-6372

Prince and Princess of Northshield:
Tarrach Alfsson and Fiona nic Aoidh

Lord & Lady Heir of Northshield:
Alisdair MacFhearghuis & Isabel de la Montana

Officer's Reports

From the Seneschal:

Greetings! As you may be aware, Tuilelaith is currently working on a web page for the College of Dragon's Crossing which will have information about our group. I am very excited about this page and would like to include other items of interest and general information such as the following:

* "newbie information" on those things that commonly trip up and/or confuse new members
* simple garb instruction
* Dragon's Crossing membership listing with contact information
* book bibliographies for general areas of research
* where to buy materials locally (such as JoAnn's, Tandy Leather, etc. with a disclaimer)
* links to other medieval sites

The possibilities are endless. It would be great if anyone would like to post a report on research they have done or information they have collected in their areas of interest. We have many members in our group who have a great deal of knowledge and I think it would be wonderful if we could showcase that expertise on our page. As someone who has spent a lot of time "surfing" the Web, I can tell you that while there are many sites on medieval history, there are many areas of knowledge with no information or areas that are not covered very well.

When convenient, I would like for us as a group to brainstorm on ideas for the page.

In Service,


From the Exchequer:

Greetings from your Exchequer
Enclosed in this issue is a copy of the relevant pages of our Domesday report The balance of our account is $586.85 and the group had a net income of $183.17 in 1998. We have already paid for Cardome for Dragon's Brawl/Ball '99 and there has been a $200 deposit check written but not cashed. So we have the operating funds to host a good event in April but can't afford for it to lose money. Help the group out by getting out the word of mouth advertising for the event.

If anyone would like to review the Domesday in it's glorious and exciting entirety or would like access to any of the exchequer records please feel free to contact me at any time. Be warned that if you show even the slightest bit of interest I may be forced to add you to my list of deputies (I have not forgotten you Liz!!!).

In Service,

HELP WANTED Talented, or not so talented, folks to teach classes at Dragon's Brawl/Ball '99. The day is focused on but not limited to dance topics. If interested contact Morgan at 225-4830 or via e-mail.

Baroness Morgan of Anglesey
Exchequer, College of Dragon's Crossing
Middle Kingdom
House Stahlgeist

From the Herald

Big John MacLellan
To the College of Dragon's Crossing:

Greetings to all the great and noble people of the College of Azure Vale---- WELL ,at least I hope that is what we will be called. This weekend Sir Omarad had another conversation with Master Dmitrii (Dragon Herald) about our name submission,and his response was "HUH?, I was waiting on more paperwork"(OK I'm using artistic,,,, whatever its called). Master Dmitrii thought I was going to send another set of submission papers to go with our name choice and I thought he was going to insert whichever name (of the five we approved) was passable into the OLD submission.

To clear up this mess I called Master Dmitrii, and after we compared notes he understood our desires and said would hand carry our submission to the Heralds meeting in Chicago this weekend and push it along the path of approval. Since last months Heralds meeting was cancelled, we are only a month behind where we would have been if everything had happened in a normal matter.

Master Dmitrii is doing us a favor by handling the paperwork etc.and I would like to thank him for this and Sir Omarad for questioning him (I had sent email to Master Dmitrii asking about the progress of our submission but confusion reigns in impersonal communication--- HUH,what he say?).

In service,
Big John MacLellan

From the Chronicler:

This is your newsletter, send me whatever you would like to see in it. Thanks to all contributors.

Sir Omarad the Wary

Calendar of nearby events:

February 1999

6 - Candlemas XII {Dragonsmark} [Lexington, KY]
13 - Farewell to the Flesh {Gwyntarian} [Akron, OH]
     - St. Valentines Day Feast & Massacre {Three Hills} [Kalamazoo, MI]
27 - Constellation Arts & Sciences Faire {Dragon\'s Vale} [Warsaw, IN]]

March 1999

5-7 - Retreat at the Tower - An Althing for Populace and Peers {Cynnabar} [Ann Arbor, MI]
20 - Archer\'s Delight and Rapier Rendezvous {Strikkenwood} [Terre Haute, IN]
      - Authenticity Policemen\'s Ball {White Waters} [South bend, IN]
      - Ceilidh XII {St. Joan} [Dayton, OH]
      - Pentamere Archer\'s College {Northwoods} [E. Lansing, MI]
      - Rites of Spring {Illiton} [Peoria, IL]
27 - \"Return to Fraser\'s Oak\" & Midlands Art & Sciences Faire {Rokkehealden} [Oak Lawn, IL]
      - All Fencing, No Foolin {Aurea Ripae} [Owensboro, KY]
      - Flirting, Fighting & Feasting {Hrothgarsfjordr} [Toledo, OH]
      - Grand Tournament of the Unicorn {Unicorn} [Oxford, OH]
      - Lightening on the Mountain {Andelcrag} [Hastings, MI]
      - Procrastinator\'s Ball and Brawl (3rd Annual) {Brackendelve} [Detroit, MI]

April 1999

10 - Event {Baile na Scolairi} [Bloomington/Normal, IL]
      - Murder at the Marche {Three Towers} [Mansfield, OH]
17 - CORONATION {Thistle} [Wooster, OH]
24 - A Spring Event {Rivenstar} [Lafayette, IN]]
      - Dragons Ball & Brawl {Dragon's Crossing} [Lexington, KY]
      - Northern Oaken Arts & Sciences Faire {Hrothgarsfjordr} [Toledo, OH]
      - Spring Faire V {Fearann na Criche} [Bay City, MI]

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