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Please Note: This is not meant to be a complete listing of events. For that information, please consult the Pale, or you can visit The Midrealm Page

There are several events held each year in our immediate area. These are almost always fighting tournaments, some have archery or riding, and most include some form of Arts and Science competition, some merchanting and are always loads of fun. Please visit, or contact one of our Officers for more information.

October 9th, 1999, Dragons' Brawl and Bridle

The College of Val d' Azure (Formerly College of Dragon's crossing) invite all to participate in:
Dragons Brawl and Bridle, October 9th, 1999 at the Historic and beautiful Cardome Center, 800 Cincinnatti Pike, Georgetown, Ky. 40324. (15 miles North of Lexington, Ky)

Site opens Sat. morning at 8 am and closes at 11pm.
Camping available upon request on Friday and Sat nights.

Site Fee $5.00 for adults, Children 16-younger are Free.
1st time SCA'ers free.
Feast for 120 will be served.
Feast fee:$7.50

SCA Merchants welcome. No extra fees.
(all merchants MUST pre-reserve with autocrat.)

Many activities are outside and building is Handicapped accessible. Cardome is on a beautiful stretch of land that borders historic Elkhorn Creek. Horses and Equestrians may camp together on the land in an Equestrian activity designated area.

Participants will help decide the final question of who wins the ancient battle between Normans and Saxons.

So come, declare for a side and compete in various activities to gain prestige and points for victory. Winner will be declared during feast.

Activities will include Fighting ( melee and single), Equestrian, Rapier, and (possibly) archery.

Authorizations/Inspections: 10:30am
Novice Tourney: 11:00
Other Activities: 11:30
The day's fighting will consist of a novice tourney (2yrs or less),
a random 3man team barrier battle,
a 5 man team flag battle,(pick your own teams)
and a (concurrently running) warlord melee tourney.(just like in period!!)
Field & Bridge battles as time allows.
(NOTE: This is not a Pas', these are just themed events. Regular SCA combat rules apply)

The field and the barriers will also be opened to challenges.

A Dancing area will be available during the day and after feast!!!

Rapier Combat:
By request of the incoming Kingdom Marshal of Fence, Master John Inchingham, there will be a regional fencing championship to determine the Southern Oaken fencing champion for the next 6 months. For Info: Contact Lord Caentighearn:

Equestrian Activities:
Authorizations 10am - Noon Various activities to follow. For info contact Lady Eochaidh. Horses and Coursing animals may be kept on site at your camp.

Demonstration and participation begins at Noon. All animals must be leashed when not coursing, legal, and vaccinated.

AUTOCRAT: Sir Omarad the Wary (Paul Newton)
Send Reservations to: Baroness Morgan, Melissa Newton
1213 N.Limestone St. Lexington, Ky 40505-3258

HEAD COOK: Lady Rachoal Makreith (Heather Mosey)

FIGHTING-CRAT: Sir Bonar of Chadwick (Gerald Baker)

EQUESTRIAN-CRAT: Lady Eochaidh (Cindy Buchanon)

Hotel info available upon request.

From all directions. Make best route to I75 ( 15 milesNorth of Lexington).

From North I75 take Exit 125. Turn Left and head towards downtown Georgetown (good antique shopping here!). Turn Right at 4th light onto HWY 25.Proceed 1/2 mile. Cardome on Left.

From South I75 take Exit 129 (Delaplane) and turn Right. At caution light turn Left onto HWY 25. Proceed (approx.) 3 miles. Cardome on Right.

All questions should be directed to the autocrat.

August 7-22nd, 1999 Pennsic War XXVIII

Cooper's Lake Campground, 205 Currie Road, Slippery Rock, PA

Way too much information to be contained on this humble page. Please see the Pennsic XXVIII Homepage for information.

June 25-27th, 1999 Border Raids

Camp Carlson, Muldraugh, KY - (Near Ft. Knox)

Shire Rising Stone and the Kingdom of Meridies invite you to this ancient conflict. For more than 20 years, Meridies and the Midrealm have met at our borders to renew old friendships and test the mettle of our swords.

This year Meridies strikes deep into Northern Lands to challenge the Dragon by the very walls that house Her gold reserves.

ACTIVITIES: On Friday Night we shall revel under the stars and be entertained by stout-hearted and keen-sighted warriors in a shieldless, Torchlight Tourney.

Saturday shall bring a day of fighting classes, melee tactics and battle after battle after battle.

The sun shall also shine on a Fencing Tournament and Melee. Support your Kingdom by entering the Weapons Master Challenge (Archery, Axe and Spear).

Exhibit your artistic merits and win honor by being proclaimed the Queen's Favorite, Laurel's Pride or Populace Champion in the Arts Exposition (open to any style or medium of period recreation).

Site is Discreetly Damp and opens at 3 PM Friday and closes at 11 AM Sunday.

No family shall pay a site fee higher than three adult member prices as long as the children are under 15 and have memberships.

FEE SCHEDULE - No Pre-reservations -- Children are 1/2 of Adult Price.
Weekend Adult Member Non-Member $12 $17
Daytrip (1 day only) Adult Member Non-Member $9 $14
No Pre-reservations -- Children are 1/2 of Adult Price

AUTOCRAT: Jarl Syr Ailgheanan mac Sithigh, Andrew Coleman, 1012 Rose Ave, Murfreesboro, TN 37130, 615.893.4852 (No calls after 10 PM CST),

MERCHANT CONTACT: Lord Borik Ravenhair, Brian Conley, 2523 Lincoya Drive, Murfreesboro, TN 37127, 615.849.1995 (no calls after 9 PM CST),

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to I-65 in Kentucky. Exit at exit #102 (Highway 313). Follow this road (appr 10 miles) to the first light and turn right onto 31W- North. Follow 31W-North past Fort Knox to Highway 60, turn left. Camp Carlson Travel Camp is on the right side (appr 3 miles).

Any new information can be found at Border Raids Site

May 8th, 1999 MayDay

Cincinnati, Ohio

Spring is in the air, and in the springtime a young fighter's mind turns to thoughts of War ! In an effort to satisfy these annual urges and to celebrate the coming of spring, the Barony of Fenix invites the population of the Midrealm to come and celebrate with us and our friends. We offer lots of melee fighting along with an A&S craftsman's display, archery, fencing, a feast, and dancing.

Where: Alexandria Knights of Columbus
5101 Licking Pike, Alexandria KY 41001

When: Sat. May 8th (yes, it is May 8th, not May 1st as in the latest issue of the Pale) 900am to 1200am

Site fee:$5.00 (children $4.00 / children under 5 free)

Feast fee: $8.00 (Feast is limited to 64 seats)
Make checks payable to: "SCA, Inc. - Barony of Fenix"

The site will be selling beer BUT WE MAY NOT BRING OUR OWN!!!

For Additional Information contact:
Event Steward:
Conal O’hAirt / Jim Hart ( no calls after 10:00pm )
834 N. Ft. Thomas Ave. Apt#2
Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, 41075

Feast Steward:
Artemisia Grimaldi / Diana Hart (no calls after10:00pm)
834 N. Ft. Thomas Ave. Apt#2
Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, 41075

Gate /Troll/Merchant:
Aylwyn of Griffenholme (no calls after10:00pm)
3520 Darwin Ave
Cincinnati, OH 54211

The Craftsman's Faire is a venue for the artisans and craftsmen of the Middle Kingdom to display their abilities to the populace and each other in a non-judged format. The Craftsman's Faire is open to any works of a period nature as well as works that, while not necessarily "period" but have a period inspiration and are "SCA useful". (Cool stuff.... plastic armor, cooler covers, basket hilts, etc...) The Craftsman's Faire is an opportunity for the populace to see the creative talents of the and to talk with various artisans about what they do and how they do it... its also a great opportunity for various artisans to "compare notes"...

Entrants are not required to provide A&S level documentation but are encouraged to sit with their entries to talk with people answer questions that people might have. A small form will be provided for the entrant's name, address and some description of the entry. There is no fee for entry.

For more information, please go to:

April 24th, 1999 Southern Oaken Regional Fighter Practice

University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

The College of Dragon's Crossing would like to invite anyone who wishes to a day of melee fighting in preparation for the summers' adventures. The day will also include the South Oaken Regions championship in Rapier Combat.

Site will be the University of Kentucky Buell Armory. (site of Candlemas 1998)

Site Fee: $2.00 Under 16 free. Site opens at Noon. Activities to follow shortly after. In case of rain, the Fighters will do something inside. (Rapier is already inside) Probably a bearpit or 3 man tourney. We'll see what folks want to do.

Directions. Make best route to I64/75 Exit 113. Turn towards Lexington. (go about 5 mi.) Turn left at 2nd light past 3rd RR underpass. (Virginia Ave.) Turn Left at 1st light. (South Limestone St.) Just after road splits into a one way road turn right onto Administration Dr. At top of hill by flagpole there is Buell Armory. Park on Drive.

March 27, 1999 Grand Tournament of the Unicorn VII

Western Campus, Miami University

DECLARATION: Let it be known that there shall be such excitement at the seventh Grand Tournament of the Unicorn:
*Heavy Weapons Tournaments
*Southern Oaken Regional Archery Tournament
*People's Choice A&S CompetitionTheme: "Things that go bump in the night"
*A&S Duct Tape Competition (back by popular demand)

Site opens 8:30am, closes at midnight
Site Fee: $3
Feast: $8 pre-registered, $10 at the door
Lunch: $4

Schedule of Events

8:30am List opens for both tournaments; inspections for single elimination only
9:30am List for single tourney closes
10:00am Single elimination tourney begins; Authorizations and inspections for team tourney; Children's Pointe opens
11:30am Lunch opens; List for team tourney closes (Team tournament will begin following single tournament)
1:00pm Southern Oaken Regional Archery Tournament begins
3:00pm Children's Pointe closes
7:00pm Feast
Court TBA
12:00am Site closes

All entrants must have a crest on their helm to participate. Fighters are encouraged to bring a herald to boast for them before combat.

Each team must have a captain. Extra points awarded to teams displaying unifying heraldry (i.e. team surcoats, banners, shield covers, crests,etc.).

Autocrat/Pre-registration: Christina McMenemy
2835 Abbots Cove Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43204

Marshal: Nikodemus Somethingorother (Tom Bolenbaugh

Feastocrat: Fritz (Chris Zander)

Merchantocrat: Stephanie Robinson


From the South: Find Route 27 North, follow it until you reach Oxford. Go through one stoplight at Chestnut Street. Just before the next stoplight, turn right onto Western Drive.

From the North and East: Exit onto Route 73 West from I-75, about 3 miles south of I-675. Follow it until you reach Oxford. Turn left at the stoplight (it's a dead end). There will be another stoplight immediately after you turn, and then turn left onto Western Drive.

From the West: Find Route 27 South, follow it until you reach Oxford, where you'll go down High Street (bumpy red brick road). Turn right onto Patterson (still Route 27) and go through two stoplights. Turn left onto Western drive just after the second stoplight.

April 9-11, 1999 Blackstone

more information later

April 10, 1999 Southern Oaken Regional A&S Faire

Lexington Catholic High School
2250 Clays Mill Road
Lexington, KY 40503

Site opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM. Site fee is $3.00. (Make checks payable to: "SCA, Inc. Shire of Dragonsmark") There will be an entrant fee (TBA) for each person entering the A&S competetion.

Regional MoA&S:Master Wolfgang von Ressler (Mark Yungblut)
136 Illinois Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45410

Troll:Lord Ismail al Rasnidi al Qhirwayyi (Eric Brooks)
202 Wilkinson Street, Apartment #1
Frankfort, KY 40601

Event Steward:Lady Eilonwy of the Windy Meadows (Carrie Morris)
3805 Aria Lane
Lexington, KY 40514
(606)224-8783 after 5PM

A&S Class Coordinator, Local MoA&S:Lady Matilda Hanscombe (Robin Krimm)
456 Hollow Creek Road, D-19
Lexington, KY 40511

Please join us in entering our A&S projects for evaluation at regional level. Enteries must be registered by 11:30 AM. Judging will begin at Noon and be completed at about 4:30 PM. Results will be made available at approx. 6:30 PM.

While you are at the competition, don't forget to enroll in Dragonsmark Community College!!! Classes will be held from Noon until 5:00 PM. We guarantee that all credits will transfer to the RUM of your choice, or you get your lab fees back!

Take a supper break from 4:30-6:30 PM. We will have maps to local eateries. Then come back for your results and a dessert revel (bring something if you can) and dancing from 6:30-8:00 PM.

Directions: Take your best route to I-75. Take exit #113, US 68 (aka Paris Pike or N. Broadway). Turn south towards Lexington. Go through downtown Lexington, staying on N. & then S. Broadway. After passing St. Joseph Hospital (on left) and a fire station (on left) you will see Picadome Elem. School (on left) and a "Y" in the road. (It is approx. 5 miles from I-75 to the "Y" turn off.) Go left at the "Y", you are now on Clays Mill Road. Go several blocks, Lexington Catholic H.S. is on the left. If you go through two stop lights on Clays Mill Road, you have gone too far.

February 26-28th, 1998 The Tournament of the White Hart

Cabell County 4-H Camp, Huntington, WV

The Shire of Port Oasis invites the lovers and fighters of Ethelmearc to the third annual Tournament of the White Hart. The centerpiece of the day will be a heavy weapons tournament for which, in the spirit of courtly love, all combatants must declare their inspiration to enter the lists and seek a favor to wear to honor their choice. The day will also include an archery contest, an Arts and Sciences competition with emphasis on tokens of love, a flirting contest and much more.

The site will open at 7 p.m. Friday and close at 10 a.m. Sunday; event reservations are strongly encouraged and bunks and cabins are available on a reservation-only basis. Event fees are: On Board - $11.00, Off Board - $6.00, kids under 12 - half price, babes in arms are free. Cabin fees are $15.00 for the small cabins (sleep 18), and $20.00 for the large cabins (sleep 20); bunk space in the main hall is available for $2.00 per person. The autocrat is Baroness Ciaran, co-autocrat is Ros O’Donnell, and feast will be prepared by Lady Lucia Barucci, whose culinary talents so enhanced last year’s event. Archery will be run by Master Robert the Grey. The site is discretely damp.

Directions: Take your best route to I-64. Take exit 15 and head east. Follow the road to Alternate Route 10 (at stop light). Turn right onto Alternate Route 10 and go approximately one mile to 4-H Camp Road (signs will be posted). Turn left, cross the plank bridge and go about 100 yards. The camp is immediately on the left.

For more information, please contact Baroness Ciaran at (304) 429-4634 before 10 p.m., or by e-mail Long-distance calls will be returned collect. Please mail cabin and event reservations to Ros (Angie Pierro 2540 3rd Ave., Apt. 3, Huntington, WV 25703); make checks payable to "SCA, Inc. - Shire of Port Oasis."

February 6th, 1999 Candlemas

The Kentucky Horse Center (not to be confused with the Kentucky Horse Park)
Lexington, KY

December 12th, 1998 Christmas Tourney

9am - 11pm
University Center, Indiana University Southeast
4201 Grant Line Rd.
New Albany, Indiana

You can find all manner of information concerning directions, troll, feast, etc at Christmas Tourney Info
There is also going to be a toy collection for the Santa of Appalachia. So bring a toy or child's coat to add to the collection.

tba 1999 Dragon's Brawl

The Site is the lovely and historic Cardome Center located North of Lexington off of I-75 in Georgetown at 800 Cincinnatti Pike, Georgetown, Ky 40324

Will update as information becomes available

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