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Event Steward / Autocrat: Sir Omarad the Wary - Paul Newton 606-225-4830

Reservations/ Gate / Troll: Lady Morgan of Anglesee - Melissa Newton 606-225-4830

Feast Coordinator / Cook / Feastocrat: Lady Claire al'en Or - Kirsten Frisa 606-233-4017

Marshall in Charge: SGT. Kato Inagamono - Bill Thomas 606-271-9339

Dance Class Master & Merchant Contact: Lord Richard MaKreith - James Dingus 606-252-1094

Archery Marshall: Lord Caentighearn - James Wright 606-277-3510

Equestrian Marshall: Lady Eochaidh - Cindy Buchanan 606-245-5545

Rapier Marshall: Lord Wyll Blackehauke - Scott Morris 606-224-8783


This sumptuous feast, prepared by the reknowned Lady Claire, will delight all. This feast is a traditional British Isles style meal.

Beverages: Herb Tea, Lemonade and Water. (Although it is a wet site! )

Appetizers: Bread, Vegetables and dip, and Brack (Breads with fruits and nuts)

Main: Roasted Beef in Guinness, Cold Chicken Pie, Barley in Herbs, Peas with pearl onions, Maids of honor (like a cheesecake)


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